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 Post subject: Admin Applications Rules - Read Carefully
PostPosted: Tue 18. Sep 2012, 09:37 
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We are glad about your request of course.
Now, we do not take everyone!
We do not take unknown requesters.

Tell us something about you.

Important Notes!

If you make your own request in the admin request thread, only do it one time!, or it will be removed directly and you lower / fail your chances to become a trial admin.
Do not pm admins in the forums or on the server about how far your admin request is in stage!
Wait for the feedback of other admins answering your thread.
This also means, do not push your thread!
If your request does not getting any positive feedback / no feedback in a time limit of 2 weeks, then your thread will be closed.

Your request needs a minimum count of '50' words.
Opened Requests, doesn't reach this minimum words account of '50', got directly deleted, without reading!

If you making a request, you agreed in all of our requirements already. No Exceptions!

Notice: All Questions here need to be answered completely -No Exceptions! in your own admin request thread!
If not - It got directly canceled!

If you would like to make some donations before, feel free and donate to our paypal account: payments@aibr.de
-Do not make Donations below 5,- Euro (This doesn't make any sense because of the high taxes of paypal)
-Donations doesn't increase your chances to become an admin!

Minimum Requirements:

-18 Years

-An acceptable english, to communicate with all the other team mates.

-Working Headset ( We do not accept requesters without or with a damaged headset!)

-The ability to use TeamSpeak3 (We will have a short meeting at our TeamSpeak3: Port: 9987)
-Beeing available at our irc channel, this mean, you stay there, while playing on our server . Our irc channel is located at: irc.aibr.de , channel #aibrclan
-There are many ways to get into our irc channel, here are just a few of them:

Irc Applications / Web Related Irc Applications

1. Mirc / Irc Client -> http://mirc.com
2. Mibbit / Irc Client -> http://www.mibbit.com
3. @IBR IRC Chatroom -> http://www.aibr.de < This is the web irc client located at our main page directly below the shoutbox.

Why must i be connected at teamspeak3 and the irc?
-Well easy > We do not want to have anonymous mates in our team. That's all

Some rules you should know before:

-Irc Activity Rules
-Beeing active and stay at our irc channel while playing on the server / if not = -1 admin lvl
-Use the same name at the irc as you are using ingame on the server / if not = -1 admin lvl

-Account Sharing
-Account Sharing is strictly forbidden, if we know about this, this means a direct demotion and no chance for a later return

Can i see the server ingame chat outside at the irc?
-Yes you can, after you reached lvl3

-Server Activity Rules
-1 week of inactivity = -1 admin lvl

-Forum Activity Rules
-Be active at the forums too and help as much and best as you can.

-Vacation - Holiydays
If you go on vacation / holidays - No Problem
Inform us before about.

-Can i use the clantags '@IBR' , 'f@IBR' or 'AIBR' ?
No, sorry you can't! The clantags are sttrictly reserved to our prosquad and funsquad members only and you have no rights to use it!
Abusing this, causing in a permanent demote.

-Can i make some advertisement to some websites like social networks ect.?

-Can i advertise the server on different websites?
Yes, after we agreed in that. Yes if the website owner where you want to place your server advertisement is giving you permission.

You are not allowed to use any images, logos, pictures ect. owned by http://www.aibr.de or Lan Party pictures, images, logos or similar owned by http://www.boerde-lan.de to post somewhere else without our permission.

You are not allowed to link us to some different websites without our permission.
This means especially our domains: http://www.aibr.de - http://www.euroarena.net - http://www.cod-servers.de - http://www.aibr-downloads.de

You are not allowed to advertise the server ip, name ect. on other servers.
This kind of dumbass noobish advertising we dislike the most and only noobs doing so.
Abusive Actions against these simple rules above causing in a permanent demote and exclusion.

You Must be fully addicted to us! We do not want any corpses in our team!

Things we need to know about you before:

-You running your own servers?
-Which gamemod do you run?
-Are you admin on any other servers?
-You've been admin already on other servers in past?
<---Tell us before and not after you got your admin trial. If you do not tell us about running own servers and gamemodes you actually running, but kept this hidden to us before, so if we find out without you informed us before! - then the trial / lvl will be directly removed. This means you will be demoted at once, without any agreement by someone else of the admin team.

How many people in your house using the same connection?
Are you using anonymizers (proxies, vpn ect.) ?

Where do you coming from?

How old are you?

What's your name?

Which name are you using on the server?

Who recommended you to make an admin request?

How you found us?

...Important things we do not know about before just causing possibly many problems.
...And It's only decreasing your trustment level!

We are offering the following things:

Admin LvL Up Ladder: Samp Server Related: LC's Euro**Trucks and Trailers** (c)aibr.de
->Up to LVL 2 is free without any donations.


1 <after your request has been worked out successfully

2 <after you did it with lvl 1 minimum 3 weeks of full activites, you can request for lvl 2

3 <you can request for lvl 3, after you did successfully lvl 2, minimum 4 weeks,
-Make a donation of minimum 12,- Euro to our paypal account -> payments@aibr.de

4 admins for lvl 4 can be only added after 6 months, after you did your job very well before.
-Make a donation of minimum 12,- Euro to our paypal account -> payments@aibr.de

?...any higher levels can't be requested, that's reserved to the respective owners and makers of http://www.aibr.de and you are not a member of our staff. :)

Plus many many more other servers of http://www.aibr.de. Like All CoD Series, CSS, CS: Go, Minecraft, TrackMania, Battlefield Series and much more...

Any questions? Please feel free asking us before.

You are overwhelmed with our requirements? Too Bad! :) Well we like it very organized and planned, that's all.

So if you are still interested, beeing a member of our team, feel free and make your request if it match with our requirements above.
...and be ready for a powerful team!

Good Luck and The Very Best Wishes

The Team of LC's Euro**Trucks and Trailers** (c)aibr.de
(...just another project of http://www.aibr.de - http://www.euroarena.net - http://www.cod-servers.de - http://www.aibr-downloads.de)
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